Property advisers to HM Government of Gibraltar

Rent Assessor Bookings

The Rent Assessor is appointed by the Minister with responsibility for housing, under the provisions of Sections 37 & 38 of the Housing Act 2007 and his/her main areas of responsibility include but are not limited to the following:- 

  • Assessments of rent under Section 41 of the Housing Act 2007
  • Adjustments of rent under Section 43 of the Housing Act 2007 as a result of improvements carried out on the dwelling
  • Issuing of certificates of Suitable Alternative Accommodation under Section 45 of the Housing Act 2007
  • Decontrolling dwellings under Section 49 of the Housing Act 2007

All of our bookings for Rent Assessor appointments and surveys can be booked online using the following link:     LPS - Office of the Rent Assessor