Property advisers to HM Government of Gibraltar

Land Registry

The team at the Land Registry administers the Land Titles Register and is tasked with the registration of all deeds and wills which in any way affect or relate to any land situate in Gibraltar.  This enables a public record of property transactions to be kept pursuant to the Gibraltar Land Titles Act 2011.  Its tasks involve the processing of these documents, the collection and certification of Stamp Duty, and the Registration of these deeds and wills in the Register.

Note: The registration procedure referred to above should not be confused with the Land Registration procedure in the United Kingdom. In Gibraltar there is only a requirement under the Land Titles Act to register the deed in order to keep a public record of property transactions. As a result, the protection afforded by the priority of periods granted under the Land Registry rules in the UK is not available in Gibraltar.

Commissioners of Stamp Duties

The Commissioners adjudicate on all transactions involving Real Property in Gibraltar that are liable to Stamp Duty.  They oversee the collection of Stamp Duty, the embossing of Deeds and their Certification pursuant to the Stamp Duties Act 2005.

Rent Assessors

The Rent Assessors are appointed under Section 37 of the Housing Act 2007 and are responsible for the assessment of the rents of controlled dwellings, and related duties under Part 2 of the Housing Act 2007.

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They also attend to the keeping of a Register of Business Tenancies as prescribed by Section 39 of the Landlord and Tenant Act.