Property advisers to HM Government of Gibraltar

Commercial Property Management

The team deals with the administration of HMGOG’s commercial property portfolio. It deals with the lease management of these commercial properties which involves, but is not limited to: receiving, managing and monitoring rental payments and implementing administrative and legal requirements associated with leases/tenancies/licences by which the properties are held. The latter will include implementing tenancy renewals and rent reviews; providing information management and reporting for the Landlord; document storage; coordinating any tenant alterations; handling document amendments such as requests for assignments or subleases when necessary; prepare and carry out tenders of vacant properties; and advise HMGOG on general property matters in relation to its commercial properties.

They also manage several HMGOG industrial parks or commercial properties situated around Gibraltar. The properties provide units with a range of uses from workshop or storage units to catering establishments as well as office units. The services provided include but are not limited to: collection and banking of service charge payments; assessing maintenance requirements and providing the necessary works to maintain the properties; providing adequate insurance of the properties; providing caretaking services; managing cleaning and security contracts; and liaising with accountants to prepare and submit audited accounts.